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In 2007, Governor Tim Kaine issued Executive Order 59, establishing a Climate Change Commission. The Commission met over the course of 2008 and issued a report based upon its deliberations. 

The Commission’s deliberations and work was posted on a website maintained by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality until mid-2012.  At that point, the website was taken down and placed in an .ftp storage site, where it is not searchable.

In an attempt to keep the website visible for those who want to review and study the Commission’s work, Wetlands Watch has established this “mirror site” for the Commission on Climate Change.

Wetlands WatchThe report of the Commission serves as the only official statement of the Commonwealth of Virginia on the subject of climate change.  The recommendations of the Commission stand today as a roadmap for what Virginia needs to do to deal with Climate Change – with little progress having been made since 2008.

The Commission’s charge was, among other tasks, to:

 “Evaluate expected impacts of climate change on Virginia’s natural resources, the health of its citizens, and the economy, including the industries of agriculture, forestry, tourism, and insurance.”
“Identify what Virginia needs to do to prepare for the likely consequences of climate change.”

These tasks were addressed in the Commission’s report and in a specific set of recommendations on adapting to climate change impacts that we could not avoid.

Wetlands Watch has reconstructed and is hosting this public version of the Climate Change Commission’s website as a public service.  The work of the Commission guides us as we try to help people, businesses, and communities along Virginia’s tidal shoreline deal with the impacts of sea level rise.

The work on this website was made possible through support from West Wind Foundation and the Virginia Environmental Endowment.  The reconstruction work was done by John Blandin of webWise Site Design and Services, one of Wetlands Watch's founding Board Members.

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